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Happy New Year!

Hi Folks! so, we are back,after a bit of a break over the festive period.I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to say about storage, so my first post of the year is to rave about what the Christmas Fairy brought me this year 😉


I feel it important to point out that I already owned the majority of the contents

My beautiful, new Santoro Gorjuss Crafty Tote; which after some consideration has now become my colouring base.

The main section (as you can see) has all of my Spectrum Noir alchohol markers – I have the complete 2nd generation set including the two new sets of colours (again, I bow before the Christmas Fairy) which I store in these little silver three drawer desk tidy things. Four fit very nicely and as you can see, most of them have a little tag on the front to say which colour families are in there although these will need to be updated for the new colours. The two bottom right-hand drawers are my SN aqua pens; SN pencils on top, whisper pens in the upright tub – these were my first pens when I started crafting – The front flap has a velroc’d on pencil case, which has my metallic markers and some random gel pens and then the slots are filled with the Flourescent, black, and blender SN pens; spare sparkle pens and my Zig clear colour pens.

The book is my stamps catalogue, in here I put pictures of my stamps so that I can just flick through when I am looking for something. Quite a lot of them also come with a coloured picture of the stamp as part of the packaging which I then stick in here as a colouring guide.

Tucked down the sides of the main section are more velcro’d pouches which contain some stamping blocks and some sticky pads; what I like about these are that when you take out one in a lower position the top ones don’t leap out and attack (due to the velcro). There is a also a large pocket behind the drawers which can be used for paper/card, but which will probably have my colour swatch folder in it 🙂

The two side pockets have my larger stamping blocks, although I do keep a couple of small sentiment size blocks in the stamping wrap (pictured later) on the basis that I usually stamp and colour at the same time. The very front pocket has my pencil accessories and my things to stick rubber stamps to stamping blocks.

The whole thing is on wheels, which means that I can merrily wheel it out of the craft zone and over to the comfy sofa’s for an evenings colouring…. Bliss!