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I had a mini-break over Easter and since I couldn’t take my craft corner with me, I took a little bit of colouring instead 🙂

Bebunni with Rose

After I came home, I had three coloured images that I then wanted to work with, so I thought I would post this one because of the ‘ear out of frame’ effect that I have used.

So, I have used a circle die to cut out the image; to have the ears poking out, you need to place the die over your image in the position you would like it to be in. Then at the point where the image is outside of the die, make a couple of reference pencil marks to either side of the overhang. I like to make my marks on the outside of the die, because then they will disappear when I run it through my die-cutting machine, you can also mark the inside, but you will then have to rub out the pencil marks as the die will cut just outside of them.

Snip along outline of your image (as if you intended to cut the whole thing out by hand) to just beyond the pencil marks (remember, I marked the outside of the die, which means the cut will be just inside where I have marked). Now slide your die into position, with the area you have snipped resting on top of your die. Run it through your machine as normal and hopefully, you will have cut all around your image with the bit you snipped cheekily poking out of the side 🙂


Valentines Chicks


This is a happy couple of Chicks that I have done for a Valentines card; Most of the colouring is with my Spectrum Noirs but then I have enhanced the image with other mediums.

Pens List:

  • CT1-4
  • DR7, 5,4
  • EB7, 3 and TN7, 5
  • IB1-3
  • Blender

Oil Pencils (Lyra polycolour  by Rembrandt)

  • 01, White
  • 05, Lemon Cadmium
  • 07, Lemon
  • 08, Canary Yellow
  • 47, Light Blue
  • 51, Prussian Blue
  • 97, Medium Grey (accent shadows)
  • 21 Pale Geranium Lake (shadow for sentiment stamp)


  • Victorian Velvet Distress Ink
  • White Fluid pen (wavelets)
  • Twinkling H20’s, China Black (eyes); Ice (Boat, sea and Chick accessories); Siam White (sea froth and white parts of the chicks
  • Micron pens (for the outlines) 005 and 08
  • Sheena Douglass Sentiment Stamp