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Challenge Failed

As has been pointed out to me I have totally failed the current challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

My one and only and for my first attempt at colouring not too bad.


What I have done is a special birthday card that I cannot share for the time being, thereby making a mess which today I have tidied and re-arranged.

Oh forgot the Cuttlebug disaster when it went clunk and no longer worked EEEEEk. However a quick youtube search found the problem and resolution. 30mins later all fixed and I could breath again.

So to today ….. apart from having to tidy I had decided on a bit of re-arranging. My cut’n’boss has lived on my desk all the time I have had it (and was worth the cost when I broke my shoulder) but I find that I use my baby blue or cuttlebug most of the time so felt it needed a new home but still easily accessible.

So here we go a small trip round my crafty space.


The Baby Blue now where the Cut’n’Boss used to be with the plates for the Cuttlebug in a letter rack. On the right is my unit showcased in a previous post now sat on top of a couple of landscape A4 trays that have an A5 storage box lid with my corner punches and clamps on the left and the base with 3D pads of various sizes all to hand. On the bottom is an A4 lid with scraps ready to rifle through. (the base is on another unit with all my acrylic stamping blocks)


Moving round to the left I have two hi-fi units from Argos configured two different ways with my card stash (well most of it). On top of the one in the corner are tubs with embossing folders, HD Little books, miri mats, gilding flakes and Candi. On the other one is my Cutterpillar Crop. The Cuttlebug is happy in its home on the floor very easily picked up to be used.


And turning further round is the Cut’n’Boss in its new home. I have even had cause to use it since I moved it and all is fine. The tubs are full of punches. The small set of drawers have pens such as Wink of Stells with transfer foils in the top drawer. The second shelf is Christmas. In the filing cabinet I keep my card blanks, envelopes and corresponding celo bags.

And just because it would be rude not to ……


While clearing the desk I made these toppers with ‘things’ I found which seemed to go together.





I, like many of you I am sure, have more than one scoreboard, could I resist the new Hunkydory one? Of course not.

So here is my scoreboard story

.51kI4uZmyaL._SL1000_ (1)

I started with the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro. This has been a good workhorse but has limitations as a scoreboard. Its useful parts have been slowly replaced with newer and more versatile tools. Bow making pegs replaced with Tattered Lace Bowmakers, trimmer replaced with various ones ending with my fav the Cutterpillar, the enveloper with We’R’Memory Keepers etc, not to say I don’t ever use it but it’s main issue for me has always been its bulk.


My next one is the Martha Stewart 12″ board. As the name suggests it is slightly over 12″ square overall size.This was bought as a Xmas present (mostly cause I asked) and I have loved using it. Being an american product it is in inches going as small as 1/8″, has a centre 0 measurement (very useful) and an included envelope maker (admittedly not used but thats because I usually need a box if card too big for the provided envelope)


The Eazi-Scoreboard. Size it is just over A4 and really only has limited scores but I find invaluable for card bases as it has A4 centrefold, gatefold etc, thus replacing part of the Ultimate Pro and easier to whip out.

$_58 (1)

Tattered Lace mini scoreboard Size is just over A5. Came as part of a bundle but I have used it lots. Obviously easy to carry in tote bag and when working on small projects ideal, that being said you are not totally restricted to A5.

And finally ………


Only arrived today but already I am loving it. despite being the thinest of my boards (except possibly the mini) it is very stable and can be used on your lap.The scoring area is 12″ * 12″, inches one side ( in 1/8″ spacing) and cms (0.5cm spaces) on the other. On the inches side the centre is clearly marked with a 0, however it does not have numbering going out from it like the Martha Stewart board but I think it is still useful. At the top the score grooves start in the ‘frame’ making it very easy to start in the correct place. Its big advantage is the built in box making facility. This has always been the one thing I would always get the Ultimate Pro out for, now I don’t need to. The box making is on both sides so you can work in inches or cms.

All of the boards have come with their own scoring tool.

All the boards work and I will no doubt continue using them all except sadly the Ultimate Pro as I think I have now upgraded all its useful parts.

Stamping Wrap

As mentioned in a previous post, I am currently using a stamping wrap. Keen observers will notice an ongoing theme between the wrap and the tote ๐Ÿ˜‰

Closed Wrap
Open Wrap

This is a good sized pouch that I have to admit, I mostly bought because it was pretty and have now had to justify the purchase.

It ties shut with ribbons, which are also long enough that if I needed too, I could tie it onto the tote for transport.

The open view shows 3 sections, the first section is a large zip pocket and contains my ‘go to’ ink pads (Versafine, Momento, Versamark and Stazon). It also has my wheat bag for heat embossing

The second section has my embossing pens (these are new) and a glue pen for glueing emergencies.

The final section has three zip pockets and contain my small sentiment stamping blocks.

There is also a hook so that you can hang it up open from somewhere…

Happy New Year!

Hi Folks! so, we are back,after a bit of a break over the festive period.I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have something to say about storage, so my first post of the year is to rave about what the Christmas Fairy brought me this year ๐Ÿ˜‰


I feel it important to point out that I already owned the majority of the contents

My beautiful, new Santoro Gorjuss Crafty Tote; which after some consideration has now become my colouring base.

The main section (as you can see) has all of my Spectrum Noir alchohol markers – I have the complete 2nd generation set including the two new sets of colours (again, I bow before the Christmas Fairy) which I store in these little silver three drawer desk tidy things. Four fit very nicely and as you can see, most of them have a little tag on the front to say which colour families are in there although these will need to be updated for the new colours. The two bottom right-hand drawers are my SN aqua pens; SN pencils on top, whisper pens in the upright tub – these were my first pens when I started crafting – The front flap has a velroc’d on pencil case, which has my metallic markers and some random gel pens and then the slots are filled with the Flourescent, black, and blender SN pens; spare sparkle pens and my Zig clear colour pens.

The book is my stamps catalogue, in here I put pictures of my stamps so that I can just flick through when I am looking for something. Quite a lot of them also come with a coloured picture of the stamp as part of the packaging which I then stick in here as a colouring guide.

Tucked down the sides of the main section are more velcro’d pouches which contain some stamping blocks and some sticky pads; what I like about these are that when you take out one in a lower position the top ones don’t leap out and attack (due to the velcro). There is a also a large pocket behind the drawers which can be used for paper/card, but which will probably have my colour swatch folder in it ๐Ÿ™‚

The two side pockets have my larger stamping blocks, although I do keep a couple of small sentiment size blocks in the stamping wrap (pictured later) on the basis that I usually stamp and colour at the same time. The very front pocket has my pencil accessories and my things to stick rubber stamps to stamping blocks.

The whole thing is on wheels, which means that I can merrily wheel it out of the craft zone and over to the comfy sofa’s for an evenings colouring…. Bliss!

My Crafting

We all craft differently and therefore have different ‘favourite’ items, but we all have a space and these are my essentials.

I am lucky that I have a room, since gaining the room I have moved and revised the layout several times. I think I now have for me the optimum layout (give it a few months and I will change it again) this has been helped by new xmas and birthday goodies.

I have a large pedestal desk with a cupboard on left and shelf, drawer and file drawer on right so a reasonably big working surface. I have a Tattered Lace tote bag (others are available and I have this one because it was on offer) sat on my desk (top right) at all times holding tools, glues etc. Basically anything I use on every project is in the two sets of side pockets facing me, in the two sides away from me things like pliers, spare tape pens. In the middle mini score board, flower mat, stick and spray. This makes the bag sound small and lacking but it is neither.


The unit to the right is part of an old corner desk put together creating a storage area for mainly card/paper, inks and embellishments. I find ‘peel-off’ boxes very useful for many things, there is even one in there with actual peel-offs in. The drawer hold my big size dies.


To the left of deskย I have my original 4 drawer plastic storage – top drawer holds ribbons, second pens, spare glues and ‘bits’, next odd sized card/paper and scraps box, bottom rarely used stuff. (to think a couple of years ago my whole crafting goodies fitted in it plus one storage crate ). Cut’n’Boss is set up on back left of desk so that the plates end up on top of this unit.

Carrying on round to left a ‘hi’fi’ unit from Argos holding my Tonic guillotine on top. Specialist card/paper below on shelf and an A4 storage unit on bottom. Next what was a bedside cabinet with Cuttlebug on top. punches on shelf and blank cards and envelopes in the file drawer at bottom now actually separated in files. And finally another of the ‘hi-fi’ units with printer on top, printer card/paper on shelf and large box holding various large tools not often used as they have been replaced by other tools.

All in all I can craft fairly easily and can mostly find stuff ………….. though not sure where spare plate/mats for cut’n’boss are ?


Colouring Options

As a messy crafter, i have various mediums through which i like to colour my work, whether it is a stamp that needs detailed colouring or just edging for a mat and layer.

The colouring options I currently have available are as follows:


  • Water Colour Pencils
  • Wax Pencils
  • Oil Pencils
  • Graphite Pencils


  • Alcohol Markers
  • Water Colour Markers
  • Fine liners
  • Pigma Micron liners
  • Wink of Stella Glitter pen


  • Standard printing ink (from the Computer)
  • Ranger Distress Inks
  • A Variety of standard stamping inks


  • Water colour paints
  • Luminarte H2O twinkling paints
  • Cosmic Shimmer water colour paints

In most of my sample work that I post here, I specify what I have used, however I also plan to add in some samples of the same image coloured in the different mediums to give a better idea of the differences between them

Phantomsax Challenge

One of my habits as a card crafter is that i take a long time to make each card. I therefore set myself a 30 minute challenge, and this is the result – Ta Daa!


Crafty Stash:

  • 4x4inch card blank (white)
  • HunkyDory rainbow card
  • Black card
  • Some music design paper left over from Christmas last year


  • ‘Congtratulations’ Tattered lace die
  • Layered stars from the Sapphire Celebration die pack
  • A Star hole punch
  • Sapphire diecutting machine
  • Glue
  • 3D Pinflair

The idea was to create the card using just the tools and the paper within the 30 min time frame, so no inks, no colouring, no printing.

All of the star dies were cut and then embossed through my sapphire and layered as you can see, I then cut the ‘congratulations’ out of both the rainbow card and the black card so that i could shadow the sentiment.

If i were going to add to the card (time was up) then i would probably have also added some aurora gems in between the stars.

Please note that the black surround is the surface the card is on and not part of the card itself!

What can you make in 30 mins?!