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Whilst Xmas was happening in one room…

… I was trying to be a good bunny in my room!

The Challenge this month is to use something new, however both WC and myself are also trying to be really good and finish off projects that have been started and toppers which have been made but then not added to anything. I already had a small backlog of toppers which has since been added to because I have taken to doing some colouring when away from home; so yesterday I took some time to go through my ‘starts’ tray and divided everything up into ‘Coloured’ ‘Half Coloured’ ‘Not yet coloured at all’ and ‘Completed Toppers’. I am now trying to work my way through them before starting something new, though I have to admit to working on a reward system; having completed the ones that will be shown below I allowed my self a new bit of colouring…



This Is the other Crafters Companion Stamp by Donna

That I bought a few weeks ago which I have coloured with SN alcohol pens and some distress ink. I am also quite pleased with myself because I have used up a piece of backing paper that I didnt like (yay me) and then created a bead trail all over using liquid pearls. I plan to do a more overtly steampunky version but have not yet reached that reward level…


Technically this one still is not finished because it needs a sentiment, but apart from that it all finished! Colouring mediums as above although this one also has twinkling H20 over the top of the flowers – this is what I used before there were sparkle pens šŸ™‚

This next one I started for Mothers Day this year but it got sidelined because I had an order come in which took priority; after which Mothers day was over so I never finished it.

The base of this card is all computer generated

I also printed off a second Daffodil image so that I could colour it; the leavs under the coloured image are actually the same daffodil image coloured in green. I have then foiled the word ‘Mum’ in gold and added several green flicks with my colouring pencil to add to the bouquet along with gems and liquid pearls.


When I originally did the foiling there were some gaps where the glue has not pulled the foil, so I have filled in the holes with more of the 3d paste creating quite a nice ‘bubble’ effect on the word ‘Mum’ although I am not sure how well it can be seen on the photo!

And Finally, this one could also do with an additional sentiment to bridge between the two sections; I have included it here though because the dragonfly topper I have used has been sitting in a drawer for 2 years…





Black and Gold

Embossed Christmas

This is a really simple card which I wanted to talk about because I used some new stuff…

Tool Kit:

  • Sheena Stamping Card
  • Black Card
  • Versamark Ink
  • Gold embossing powder
  • Docrafts Christmas Postage stamp
  • Creative Expressions frame stamp
  • X2 Snowflake dies
  • Corner punch
  • Ultimate Pro
  • Distress Inks
  • Ribbon
  • 3D Glitter gel

Step by Step…

  1. Stamp and heat emboss both images, using the Versamark ink and the gold embossing powder
  2. Cut your card to size
  3. Add embossed line frame around the edge if required
  4. Punch out the corners
  5. Distress the whole piece of card in your lightest colour
  6. Use your medium colour to shadow all around the outside edge and then also on the inside edge (the side closest to the middle) of the stamped and embossed frame
  7. Use your darkest colour to also go around the edges of the card and then directly over the whole of the stamped frame, darken more at the four corners of the frame – The embossed lines will repel the distress ink, so just swipe straight over it šŸ˜‰
  8. Attach optional ribbon
  9. Die cut your snowflakes, I have continued to use black card for this.
  10. Dab the front of your diecuts onto the Versamark ink pad; I chose to do the whole of the smaller snowflake and the outside edges of the larger snowflake
  11. Heat emboss the diecuts with the gold embossing powder
  12. Stick it all to your card base
  13. Where wanted, add drops of 3D glitter gel
  14. Leave to dry, then add an insert

Both of the stamps I have used here are new as is the glitter gel which I found in a shop yesterday and thought “oo… you look interesting…” I have used various stickles at various times but a lot of the glitter glues dry flat. The application was easy and the control was good, the gel is also full of glitter rather than merely flecked with glitter so I am really pleased with the purchase and may have to buy some more as they come in a variety of colours…

Messy Crafting (hehe)

I haven’t forgotten the challenge, but this is where my head was at today šŸ™‚

These are both done the same way using a mixture of Spectrum Noir markers and distress inks. The stamps are all Sheena and the shine on the poppies is from Luminarte twinkling H2O’s. I had done a background for the poppies as well but unfortunately it got too close to a wet dryer sheet and was unsavable šŸ˜¦

Updated Aquatints

Further to yesterdays’ post with the Aquatints, I have now added stamped images to the backgrounds and this is what I ended up with:


Both Images are from Sheena Douglass stamps ( I am a fan :)); ‘Have a wonderful day’ is very simple, just the sentiment and some swirls heat embossed in two different colours. I suspect that it will end up with some butterflies though as there was some unfortunate smudging from the stamp – I think I am adding mega rockerblocks to my wishlist as I appear to have noticably less smudging when I use a rockerblock with the rubber stamps – though interestingly not so much with the acryllics….

‘Be Happy’ turned out quite well, though I think I will try adding hills into the background on the next one I do as I completely forgot to do so on this one šŸ˜‰ In retrospect I also believe it would have been more effective to heat emboss the ivy as this would also have then resisted the paint. (the leaves are painted with aquatints also)

Santoro Gorjuss

These beautiful stamps are sourced from Santoro Gorjuss; the images here are the actual stamps which have a colouring guide on the reverse side of the stamp, however in other sections of this site are examples of cards wherein i have used my own colour schemes – as with all stamps they can be coloured to match personal preferences.


These three are part of my Christmas goodies so i expect to be working with them soon šŸ™‚

Bella in Blue

Crafters Companion Bella Stamp

This cute little stamp was coloured using my spectrum noir pencils and i have then cut out the image and matted it onto blue card. I will post the finished card with it on when i decide what i am doing with it…

The colours are as follows:

Blues 63, 55; hair 100, 101, 102; silver 114, 116; purple 76.

I have also used blending fluid to finish off.

The above photo is a little brighter than the image, so all of the colours are in fact a bit darker than shown here; the below image is from before i cut it out so there are smudges etc surrounding the image which are not pretty however i am including it because it is truer representation of the colours.

Spectrum noir pencils
Spectrum noir pencils

Stamping Blocks

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing what method you use to stamp images and everyone has their own opinion, however if you do not want to go out and buy a set of flat blocks, a set of thin blocks, a set of thick blocks, a set of rocker blocks etc then which should you start with?

In general, I would say that it doesn’t matter; they all work and stamping takes a little bit of practice to achieve consistent results anyway so really just pick whatever suits your need at the time and work with it!

For those who prefer a little more to go on, I am adding in my own thoughts on the type of blocks that I use

Rocker blocks.

I like these for smaller stamps, the raised edge of the rocker is helpful when it comes to positioning as you can hold it on the edge before rolling forwards to create the image, however I find that on larger images in particular, I do not always get enough pressure in the middle to ensure a good stamp; I have also had some issues with applying too much pressure and ending up with a blurred image. Another disadvantage is that when applying the ink to the image the rockers often pick up some of the ink which then transfers onto the paper along with the image that you meant to stamp. So after some trial and error, my best advice if you are usingĀ  a rocker block is to do a test image on a scrap of paper to get the pressure balance correct – If it comes out well you can keep it to use as a mask. I would also recommend wiping off your rockers before you stamp!

Flat Blocks

Interestingly a lot of flat blocks have measuring lines on them to aid you in the positioning of your stamp; i believe this is aimed more towards rubber stamps as with acrylic stamps one can see through both the stamp and the block, however in order for this to be at all useful you need to be very careful in how you position your stamp on the block. One also needs to be aware of how far in from the edge of the stamp the actual image starts. In some cases I have also found that the stamp image is not square to the outer edge of the stamp, therefore lining the stamp up with the guidelines on the block has still ended in a wonky image. Generally however I like these blocks as it takes quite a bit of pressure to overstamp the image and you can take your time pressing over the bock before removing the block from the paper

Thats all for now – Happy Stamping!