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No Christmas today ……… oh Damn

I was not going to Xmas craft today other than to possibly put inserts in and where needed make envelopes, but as they say ‘all good plans’……….


I unwrapped a pack of stencils and the swirly mat was the packaging, couldn’t resist crafting with it. It is a Hunkydory little book image with the top & bottom borders removed (they appear later) My current favourite die cut. The berries are tonic nuvo drops that I made on my glass mat and once set transferred to card.


Hand fussy cut decoupage that I found in the Xmas box, that die again 🙂 . A couple of HD tags and just a simple gold mat.


As simple as it gets. The slightly brown on the bottom has been removed and replaced with filler and sparkles.(The glue although it appeared ‘clean’ obviously had some brown from pin in it, will use a different glue next time)


And finally those two borders added to a gold mat. Backed with some mottled dark red paper and topped with a left over HD topper all from the Xmas scraps box. It needs something else but cannot decide what.

I have also done what I set out to do and all Xmas cards now have inserts and envelopes


Special Effects

On my last project, I used a couple of special effect embellishments which do not necessarily photograph well on the main picture, so I am adding them in here in close up so that you can see how they look.

Ranger Crackle Accents

This is in some respects, a difficult one to apply, purely because when you first put it on, it looks like a smooth glossy finish and you may be forgiven for thinking you picked up the wrong bottle. The crackles develop as it dries, in this particular example I have stamped the image with Versafine, then distressed the clock face a little bit.

As it comes out of the bottle, the crackle accent behaves like glue, so you apply it directly to where you want it and the surface has enough tension to hold itself in place. Take your time and make sure that each ‘line’ of goop has connected to the line before it so that you don’t have any gaps.

Luminarte Twinkling H20’s

Even on close-up this is still difficult for the camera to pick-up, but essentially the effect is glass in sunlight; I also used this on the Chicks valentines card on both the boat and the water again to show sunlight shimmering against the various textures. It’s a very subtle watercolour, but really effective as in general, although you add it to the surface of your work, the mica embeds into your colouring medium as it dries so unlike glitters, it doesn’t look like its sitting on top of the image but instead produces a nice depth of twinkle.