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My Crafting

We all craft differently and therefore have different ‘favourite’ items, but we all have a space and these are my essentials.

I am lucky that I have a room, since gaining the room I have moved and revised the layout several times. I think I now have for me the optimum layout (give it a few months and I will change it again) this has been helped by new xmas and birthday goodies.

I have a large pedestal desk with a cupboard on left and shelf, drawer and file drawer on right so a reasonably big working surface. I have a Tattered Lace tote bag (others are available and I have this one because it was on offer) sat on my desk (top right) at all times holding tools, glues etc. Basically anything I use on every project is in the two sets of side pockets facing me, in the two sides away from me things like pliers, spare tape pens. In the middle mini score board, flower mat, stick and spray. This makes the bag sound small and lacking but it is neither.


The unit to the right is part of an old corner desk put together creating a storage area for mainly card/paper, inks and embellishments. I find ‘peel-off’ boxes very useful for many things, there is even one in there with actual peel-offs in. The drawer hold my big size dies.


To the left of desk I have my original 4 drawer plastic storage – top drawer holds ribbons, second pens, spare glues and ‘bits’, next odd sized card/paper and scraps box, bottom rarely used stuff. (to think a couple of years ago my whole crafting goodies fitted in it plus one storage crate ). Cut’n’Boss is set up on back left of desk so that the plates end up on top of this unit.

Carrying on round to left a ‘hi’fi’ unit from Argos holding my Tonic guillotine on top. Specialist card/paper below on shelf and an A4 storage unit on bottom. Next what was a bedside cabinet with Cuttlebug on top. punches on shelf and blank cards and envelopes in the file drawer at bottom now actually separated in files. And finally another of the ‘hi-fi’ units with printer on top, printer card/paper on shelf and large box holding various large tools not often used as they have been replaced by other tools.

All in all I can craft fairly easily and can mostly find stuff ………….. though not sure where spare plate/mats for cut’n’boss are ?



18th Birthday Elements

For the front page of my card, I essentially want a brick wall with a window in it. For this i will be using the following:

  • Crafters companion Textures embossing folder ‘Dry Stone Wall’
  • Kraft Card
  • Black soot Distress Ink
  • Iced Spruce Distress Ink
  • Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink
  • Vintage Photo Distress Ink
  • Walnut Stain Distress Ink
  • Pumice Stone Distress Ink
  • Cut’n’Dry foam
  • Craft Mat
  • Ebosser (craftwell)

You will notice that I have blended several colours together here so i feel it worth noting that not all them were essential; but their presence added a bit more depth.

  1. Cut your craft card to size – I am using an 8×8 card base so I have cut my kraft card to 7.75×7.75
  2. Run the card through the embossing machine inside the folder
  3. Dab out your distress colours onto the craft mat
  4. Using the cutndry take some of the colour onto a SCRAP of kraft card so that you can see the colour you are going to get
  5. Start adding in your colour

I have used the grey colours and the lighter brown to highlight some areas of the middle of the card, but i have not coloured the whole card the same because unpainted walls are not normally a blank same colour. The darker shades are in the corners and along the bottom, partly because the bottom of a wall is usually darker but also because it gives the while a nice frame. The black soot is purely to make the other colours pop so i have used it very minimally around the edges.

Dry stonewall on Kraft Card
Dry stonewall on Kraft Card