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Wedding Card


This one was for my friends wedding; The card itself was largely created using the Crafters Companion Times gone by CD, but the main reason I have included it today is because of the difficulty in putting such a card inside an envelope. This particular card has a couple of large roses on the front for which I do not have a large enough piece of card to make a standard box, so I have cheated!


This is the box that i have made; for which I have cut x2 pieces of 8×8 vellum (I have also embossed the velum to make it extra special) and then I have cut x4 2×8 strips of card which have then been scored at 0.5 of an inch in from both sides of the card and folded in, creating an ‘n’ shape. I have then stuck the vellum against against the legs of the ‘n’ on three out of the four sides, leaving the fourth side open to allow for the card to move in and out. Using my cropadile I have then put eyelets in the card to tie the open side closed with some pretty ribbon.

I hope you have found this useful 🙂