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Nannie Birthday Boy Card

As you have seen Mummy’s I thought I would show Nannie’s


As you can see I made a pop-up box.


His favourite bit (once he worked out how it worked) was the smiling moon.

The space elements are fussy cutting of a HunkyDory little book image. I did have a moment of panic about whether I was correct he was 8 (yes I know I was there when he was born so no excuses) The parcel card stock is Kanban, cut into panels and decoupaged. The ‘grey’ is in fact silver wink of stella.


April Challenge 2

I am determined to do better this month with the challenge than I did last Month, so I have started early and created a pop-up box. There are a variety of free templates online for this type of box, however it is also one of the simplest to create your own template for.


There are four sides to a box, so you need to have four sections which are equal in width, with enough left to the side to create a tab to fix them together. You will also need two small strips of card to go inside the box to support your decorations. These should be the same width as one of your sections + x1 cm at either end to use as tabs.

e.g. if your section width is 5cm, then your strip of card will need to be 7cm

The strips then need to be scored x1cm in at either end. One end should be a mountain fold and the other should be a valley fold – this will make the whole of the strip a Z shape. The Z shape will support better than a U shape and will also allow you to fold the box flat more easily.

Still assuming a section width of 5cm, the total width of your template will be 20cm + 1cm (tab). The height of your box will then be split into a top section and a bottom section, the top section can either be equal to or smaller than the bottom section, but if you make the top section bigger than the bottom section it is liable to overbalance.

Score along the section edges; so in my example, at 5cm, 10cm, 15 cm and 20cm. This should leave you with your 1cm tab side on the end. Decide where your dividing line will be between your top and middle sections then score along it – if you want your back section to stand up like mine does then leave the first section un-scored, so instead of scoring along from 0cm-21cm, score from 5cm to 21cm. Now cut down the score lines that are on the TOP section of your box down as far as your dividing score line, which means that you should be making 4 cuts to roughly halfway down your card.

Then cut a slanted line on your tab side to remove the 1cm top section, leaving you with a 1cm tab on the bottom section only.

Fold in all of your bottom section score lines to create your box shape; if you have a bone folder then use it to make your creases sharp, then fold out all of the top sections to create the ‘flower’. Stick the bottom section into shape using the tab, then stick in your Z strips. Personally I found it easier to stick one side of my Z strips into place before sticking the tab to close the box, but this is my preference.

In terms of decorating your box, it is again personal preference as to which stage you add your decorations; I attached all of the backing papers before closing the box, but stuck the embellishments on afterwards. The ‘pop-up’ decorations are all on construction weight acetate, don’t use the flimsy stuff because your embellishments will be too heavy! This can also be done before closing the box, but I would recommend checking that everything pokes out without getting caught on the sides before the glue dries…