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Here at Heartsease we like to create on behalf of other people, so below are some examples of what we have created based on the brief we have discussed with our client. I have also added a category for comissions from today onwards and at the bottom of this page is a comisions gallery. We love what we do and we hope that you do too!

One of my ‘book’ cards – these are cards where an additional heavy weight page is added to allow for rather more in the way of decoration. This group of photo’s also include the box as heavily embelished cards which will not fit inside a standard envelope have a matching box made just for them


“Well she likes Cats”

STP Birthday

This cutesome card was comissioned in a secret meeting… which I’m happy to say did not stay secret after the card was given!


“A Wedding card, with their names on it and a hidden Mickey Mouse…”


…The Mickey Mouse became a hidden pocket…


This wedding card which features the loveable me to you tatty ted

Tatty Ted Wedding Easel card

is based on a card I had made for a friend of mine who was getting married.

A different friend of mine saw the one I had already made and decided that she would like one similar. This one also made use of my P.C. as the images are all printed rather than stamped and I have then die-cut various embellishments to make it that extra bit pretty!

This one was comissioned as a 60th Birthday card;

60th birthday window card

my client asked for something with a dog, and to incorporate the photo.

My idea for this card was to make it a “room with a view”. The photo was imported into Serif which I used to create the interesting ‘step’ effect within the photo; the rest is mostly die-cut papers and distress ink. I also created an apperture in the card to add depth to the window, the fiddly curtain being the finishing touch.


Handmade Cards for every occasion

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