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Facebook Shop!

As well as all of our other rearrangements today, I am happy to announce that I have also just set up our official shop on Facebook, as I have now worked out how to do it…

The site will feature the cards that are ready to be sold, I am therefore removing the ‘Ready to Go’ sections from this site as they are no longer needed.

Happy Crafting All!


General Update

Not much has been happening on site recently, so how have we been keeping ourselves amused? Organising of course!

I have recently bought several coordinating die and stamp sets and had reached the point of needing somewhere to store them separately as I had dies in the stamp storage, stamps in the die storage and random stamps and dies in places they really should not be!!

So I have spent the last week or so trying to bring some organisation to my stash and I have finally achieved my goal (until the next time at least)!

Embossing Folders

These were the first to be re-organised as I had reached the point of x2 tubs already and a third being necessary… Both tubs were emptied and all of the folders are now in an open basket, which you can see to the bottom left of my craft corner. 20161023_131436.jpg

The basket means I can easily flip through the folders to fins the one I fancy using today and has plenty of space for future additions. Due to the size of the basket, I had to take out several of the tubs which were already living in that section of the desk – they are all now to the right hand side of the desk in the blue stack.


I have so many… These were also becoming a bit uncontrolled, so I have had a re-shuffle and now have a drawer in my tower (not shown) which has my wooden stamps and sentiment stamps;


My Die and Stamp combos are in a tattered lace storage box in easy reach on the desk;


X1 of these docraft folders has all of the Sheena Douglass rubber stamps (they are also mounted on to acetate) and the other has all of my HunkyDory stamps and several other acrylic stamps too. There is a secondary blue tub which has the overflow of acrylic stamps including the larger stamp sets that need close to A4 size storage. Although its not completely necessary I have also separated my smaller Christmas stamps into a mini-drawer.


I have 3 die folders, X1 Tonic folder, X1 Papermania Folder and X1 Tattered Lace folder. The smallest is the Tonic folder, the magnetic shims for the wallets inside are very strong and can be used double-sided. I use the Tonic folder for large sentiments including the verso dies which have both a sentiment and pretty frames combined.


The Papermania folder is larger however the shims are substantially weaker and cannot sensibly be used double-sided. I use this one for my ‘essentials’; so basic frames, layering tags and construction dies. As you can see from this picture, to save myself from buying extra pockets I have adapted the packaging that the dies came in, so far the original tape has remained sticky and I have used the same cheat for my accordion dies which are also in this folder

And finally… 20161023_131145.jpg

The tattered lace folder is foolscap size and I use subject dividers to separate the different sections. Technically one does not need magnetic shims in this folder however I have used them for the layering flowers (as shown) and the alphabets. The shims are from separate magnetic sheets which I have then cut to the appropriate sizes for the pockets. This folder also has an elasticated section at the back which has another A4 sheet in it holding my oversized dies which won’t fit anywhere else!

So now everything is organised, surely its time to get crafty? or is it now bedtime..? Took ages… although Weirdchild will be happy to know that I have located all of my missing items that I was getting a bit stressy about 😉

Site Changes

As people who have been following us for a while will have noticed, I like to change the site around a bit from time to time. We have now changed over to a different theme; please take a look around to familiarise yourself although there are bound to be some minor changes over the next few weeks whilst we settle in to the new format.

  • Change is as good as a rest…

July (Already?!)

Hello to All, I am declaring myself winner of the June Hunkydory challenge (go me) as producing more in quantity of Hunkydoryness within the two month period; though frankly Weirdchild would win on lifetime achievement!

We are currently busy prepping ourselves for being out and about with our cards as we not only have the Locking Scouts fair coming up next weekend, but we are also planning to be at the Puxton Park car boot sale this Sunday (3rd July) which opens for visitors at 1300.

So I have myself a list of tasks to complete and I am happy to say that I have managed to tick off at least one item…

We will be selling last years’ stock at a discount as we would like to make way for our new stuff and we will also have some of my new display sheets to hand for consultations on bespoke cards.

So if you are in the area for either of these events, we would be happy to see you, I intend to have a ‘guest’ chair with me this year for anyone who wants to linger for a chat 🙂


Today we are launching our new facebook page, which has been set-up as a sales page in order to reach prospective clients. We are hoping to generate awareness of the products we offer and since I am sharing this post on my own Facebook and Linked-in sites it is my hope that you will take the time to visit and share content from this page, especially if you have purchased from us in the past and were happy with the service/product supplied.

Thanking you all 🙂

Road Trip B-)

Today we went on a road trip to Taunton in search of crafty goodies… Unfortunately we put our faith in technology (the sat-nav) and ended up in completely the wrong place (someones house) before stopping for a well earned Breakfast (bacon bap).
Finally we were triumphant; we enjoyed moseying around and picked up a couple of bits and pieces so there might be some product reviews being posted soon… Who can say?!