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Messy Craft

Well I thought I would have a play…………..


Did this late one day about 3months ago (no rush then) its water and mica powders just randomly put on a A4 piece of card and left to dry.

At some point I have used half but today using the left over half.


Cut to size and then I have used a stencil and distress ink to complete the background. I have several stencils and am trying to make myself use them more as I do (mostly) like the results.


Added a HD topper and a couple of die cuts. Not clear but Gold Wink of Stella used on the butterfly elements of the die cuts. Added a punched flower, all cut elements are from purple layer of card used to mat onto HD mirri layer.

While faffing also found a use for those containers we all think “surely I have a use for you” I use nail polish remover to clean tools but its always a bit of a faff. Was doing that today and noticed this on my desk …


It does have the lid. I have decanted some remover into it and hey presto …………….


While general tidying I can put messy tools into pot and let soak for a few minutes with no extra mess.


50 Years

Needed to make a 50th Birthday card and thought I would share.


Using a Hunkydory base card and matching topper.Β I have achieved the lettering by first cutting them out of the card base, I have then also cut them out of basic white card. The white card die cuts have been placed back into the base card with the patterned ones then added on top. ( Note it pays to put a piece of copy paper between face of base card and cutting plate to avoid marks from cutting plate spoiling the base card.) For the shaker element I have put the topper flat on card and the created the shaker with circular part of topper, the shaking bit being some ‘wedding crystals’ from Home Bargains and some little pink stars from Printable Heaven. I have also dotted a few of the stars on the front of card. The pink flowers are bought ones (Amazon Β£1.49 for 144) and added some die cut flourishes. The ivory flowers are from Printable Heaven with d’diamond’ gems from my stash. Pink novo drops at top finish it all off.

Need to also make a box.


For a change I kept it simple. Topper is from the same HD kit, I have double cut the lettering from the waste from making the box, added a different flower but put another of the ivory flowers in its centre to tie it all together.


Weird March

I also have not been a good blogger.

I have the problem that most of my recent makes are for people who may see this before they receive their cards.

These are three sent to a friend who has been off work so I have sent a card every couple of weeks just to say I am thinking of her. The flowers was the first one, hot water bottle during the snow and the middle one was old stuff I found.


She is coming back to work on Monday so have made her an extra special card.


It is a box card using a HunkyDory box kit. The box itself needs no explanation, the frame is part of the HD kit along with the stand on the back.

The image is from HD Little book, fussy cut three layers of decoupage. Sparkle and Nuvo drops added for interest, along with some curled wire and stamen.. The acetate is the heat resistant kind that has been stamped and heat embossed. I like working with acetate but despite the fact I bought the heat resistant about two years ago I have never used it. As the experiment worked I think I may be using it again, it is not really construction weight but I will still find uses. The flower embellishment I created on a scrap of mirri card so only had to stick the card to the front. This again was an experiment as I usually just create these types of embellishments directly on the card. This I found to be reasonably successful as it meant I could see easily if it worked without ruining the card. Bow, die-cuts and pearls added to finish off.


Well hello to all!

Its been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, but we have been busy busy busy πŸ™‚

This is a small selection of our most recently commissioned pieces; if anyone wants to know specific products/techniques etc please ask πŸ™‚

However the majority of the stamps are by Sheena Douglass/Donna Ratcliff with most of the colouring being various items from the Spectrum Noir Range; I have however tagged other products which have also been used.

I hope everyone is having a happy 2018 so far; I plan to spend a couple of happy crafty hours today so will quite possibly post some of the new goodies which have mysteriously arrived at my door….


Butterfly Teepee time

Hello to all, I recently made this card for a facebook challenge and due to its unusual shape, wanted to post a ‘How To’ guide πŸ™‚



I have divided the guide into sub headings, so if you already know how to construct a Teepee card, feel free to skip ahead πŸ™‚





Teepee Construction:

  • x3 Squares of construction weight card (Ive used centura pearl, 6×6)
  • Glue
  • Scoreboard

If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend that you have at least one groove on your scoreboard coloured in; personally I have the central line coloured as this gives me the most space to either side of the line. This is so that when you score a diagonal line, you can see where you are going!


Score all three of your squares diagonally across the middle and then fold them over into triangles


Arrange your triangles so that the central one has the score line running vertically away from you; then place the two sides (one to the left, the other to the right) so that their score lines run along the right (or left) top edge of the central card. Like so:


then stick together πŸ™‚

The two outer flaps that you will now have then cross over each other to complete the Teepee. DO NOT stick these two flaps together as if you do you will not be able to lay the card flat for an envelope; neither will your recipient be able to open the card if you have chosen to put a personal message inside πŸ˜‰

Normally, the crossover will be held in position by either mini-magnets or sticky back velcro, however mine is currently being held by a peg as I am waiting for magnets to arrive…

Matt and Layer:

If you have a perfect layers tool, feel free to skip this bit as you won’t need it.

  • x2 squares at whatever mat interval you want to use from your base layer. My base layer was 6×6, so my mat is 5.75×5.75, this means that I am reducing all sides by a quarter inch
  • Scoreboard
  • Guillotine/trimmer (you get the idea)

Line up your mat layer on the diagonal (as you did to score the base card). Score a line at a quarter of an inch away from the central line – please note that these two score lines must match the measurement you have reduced your mat by; I reduced mine by a quarter inch so my scorelines must also be a quarter inch.


Cut down the two scorelines and you will have your first mat πŸ™‚

My next layer is the pretty stuff; in terms of layering against the mat the process is the same as the mat we have just done, but you are resizing against the mat, not the base layer. So for me, I am taking another quarter inch off so my squares will be 5.5×5.5 and my scorelines will still be one quarter out from the central line because my layer is still one quarter reduced from the mat.

Pretty Stuff:

  • Stamps
  • Colouring tools
  • x2 squares of appropriate card for you chosen colouring medium (as stated above, 5.5×5.5 in my example)
  • Some extra of your chosen card
  • Appropriate ink for your chosen colouring medium
  • glycerin (optional, depending on whether or not you are using watercolours)
  • Pearls/gems
  • Scissors
  • 3d glue/foam pads

Firstly, do your score lines for when you cut the layer, but do not cut yet πŸ™‚


Start to stamp; I have deliberately placed my pieces of card together because I want my stamp to crossover the lines of the card. You can use some low tack tape to make it all a bit more secure for this bit if you want.


Colour it in(!) You will notice that my two outer triangles are more vibrant than the middle two; this is because on the middle ones they will be covered by the decoupage layer that I have stamped, cut and coloured and are now sitting to the right of my card. As they then become an underneath image they only need enough colour not to look as if you haven’t bothered.

At this point it is important to think about how the card will be when fully constructed; the two flaps that don’t have any decoupage on the flowers haven’t got it because one of them will be underneath the closing flap and therefore needs to be mostly flat and the other will be coming off of the bottom edge and I wanted to keep it clean.


Once you’ve finished the basic stamping you can cut down the score lines and finish decorating however you choose; the butterflies are stamped and fussy cut then attached with pinflair (As are my decoupage layers). In addition I have gone drop crazy with liquid pearls and also added black mats to the two small ‘leg’ triangles at the bottom. I have used a small palette of colours, (red blue and green) so they all match each other; its not clear on my pics but I have also used clear sparkle overlay. If you are using the overlay on top of watercolours, remember that it will act as a waterbrush and spread the colour some more; if you don’t want this to happen (eg on the lillies) work in from the outside and regularly clean your brush off on a scrap of card.


And that’s all there is to it; fold the card down the central line for enveloping, though I suspect I may need a box for mine due to the embellishments *sigh*

I hope you have all enjoyed my tutorial and have lots of fun giving your own a try – thanks for reading x

Stamps used:

  • Sentiment stamps from Sarah Davies’ Flutterby collection
  • Sheena Douglass Butterfly
  • Donna Ratcliff musical collection


Music to my eyes

Its now a holiday week for me too, which has happily coincided with the launch of some lovely new music themed stamps designed by Donna Ratcliff.


There are six stamp plates altogether in the set featuring X4 different musical centerpieces and then a variety of co-ordinating detail and sentiment stamps. This post, however is specifically a card building post so I am going to go through the above card step by step.

Step 1

Stamp your main image and colour it in!_20180219_221830813540054.jpg

I have used my Lyra Polycolour pencils here, but choose your preferred medium. You will notice that this is literally just the sax, this is because at the time I stamped it I just needed an image to take out and about with me to colour, so the rest of the stamping was an afterthought!

Step 2

Add detail to your main image

This is also the point at which I make decisions about overall size of the topper. Everything except for the flowers has been stamped over the top of the saxophone. I masked the saxophone off using Hunkydory’s masking paper but you can use a post-it or copier paper if you have something such as stick and spray to make it adhere to your card. Remember you do not necessarily need a full mask; on my topper it is only a small section on the body of the sax that actually needed to be covered. You could also use pebeo drawing gum however do take into account whether or not the card you have used for your topper will happily take a liquid being applied to it; because I used pencils here I also used momento to stamp rather than Versafine/Stazon so for my topper there would also be the risk of an ink bleed if I used the gum.


I have then used an edged ruler to tear all four sides of the card and used distress ink around the edges; to finish I have then mounted it onto black card.

The flowers are x3 of the same image stamped and then coloured with the same colours as the flowers on the saxophone. I have then fussy cut them, shaped them and layered them onto the corner of my topper so the they hang outside of the frame. Without the flowers, this topper would fit a 5×7 card base, so its important to decide on your base card size before adding overhanging accessories or you may find yourself making a larger card then you intended(!)

Step Three

Base Layer

As I have already said this topper is roughly 5×7 which means I will need an 8×8 base or the topper to sit nicely. Obviously, I could just dig out a paper that looks nice with it, but frankly, that involves rummaging…. instead, I have made a matching base layer which allows me to repeat the same colours as the topper which will help it all tie together.


This is the topper laid on top of an 8×8 base; as you can see, less than half of the base card needs to be decorating. To help with positioning, draw a light pencil line down the edge of the card (use the edge of the card as you would a ruler). Personally, I don’t want to faff around later trying to rub this line out, so I will shift the edge slightly further back before I draw the line- this means that the topper will cover the line when I stick it on, but I still have a guide as to where the edge of the topper will fall.


This then, is my base. The stamps that will be coming out from under the topper are only partially stamped – why waste the ink?! – and the music notation joining the corners are 2nd/3rd generation stamps. I have used the tearing ruler again for the tears into the base layer.

Step Four

Put it all together



As a further tie-in between the base and the topper, I have added some light pencil colouring against in the same shades as on the topper. On my example, the base is supposed to be more faded than the topper however if you wanted it to be a more equal balance you would just need to do the base layer stamping in the same black as the topper (I have used brown). I have also used a metallic pen to go around the edges of the white card on both the topper and the base; as before, using the edge of the card as a ruler to run the pen along. In addition I have coloured the underside of the tears with the same pen. To finish off, I have extended the gems which were originally just in the hearts of the flowers to connect the topper to the base; additional swirls would also look quite good, but I went with just the gems in this instance.

And that’s it, this is now ready to go onto a card base πŸ™‚

Now the keen observer will notice that the finished card is slightly different… this is because when I looked at it the following day I decided that it needed tweaking; so using a black micron pen I have gone over the first bit of all of the swirls coming out from the topper for an extra bit of definition and also the bottom line of the left hand music corners. I have then added eyelets down the left-hand side using my cropadileΒ  and threaded a dark purple ribbon through it. Which just goes to show that there is always time for a tweak πŸ™‚

I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial and find it helpful in creating your own works of joy!


Another Holiday Week

This particular week was supposed to have been at the end of November last year, I had all sorts of Xmas make plans, however couldn’t take it then so here I am. Now I did debate getting a start on Xmas 2018 but then thought better of it. I am though keeping on with my intent to use up crafty stash rather than keeping it for special.

Have paired these as the backing sheet and acetate are from one A4 sheet of each, So 1 A5 and a DL card from an A4 sheet. I do like acetate πŸ™‚

On the first one everything is under the acetate dome apart from the pink frame and the three butterflies at bottom right. On the second only the sentiment is on the outside. Not clear but image on second has several decoupage layers.

The ‘shared’ part on these two is the oval topper. The oval frame on card two came with the image on card one but I didn’t like it on first card so then created a card around it. The first card is a HD base card folded and cut to shape with the topper added and a sentiment. On the second one I used an image from a little book inside oval frame, I thought it went well with the other bits that were lying around on my desk.


Moved on from the two card from one idea LOL. All of the fiddly bits are from two cuts of a HD Moonstone die.


This one I am not convinced is complete but haven’t come up with any thoughts that I like so for now staying as it is.


Another play with an acetate wrap, HD do some lovely foiled acetates. Some of the fun is working out how to ‘hide’ the workings. In this case its the simple adding of acetate to image before mounting onto card base. I have found I have more control if I put the red liner tape on the card rather than the acetate. I also managed to use up a left over topper, the hanging basket is the card stock and table is from a totally different HD set but match well.


You may have noticed the pink with white spots in a previous image, this is the ‘leftover’ part of the card. Fairly simple addition of a matching topper and embellishments.

And finally ……


A stepper card. I was going to do a DL triptic but decided to be a bit more adventurous . The central flowers on bottom are bought but I have coloured them, the remainder are made using flowers punches and scraps of HD.

That’s it from me for now, a couple of days still to do ………………….