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Another Holiday Week

This particular week was supposed to have been at the end of November last year, I had all sorts of Xmas make plans, however couldn’t take it then so here I am. Now I did debate getting a start on Xmas 2018 but then thought better of it. I am though keeping on with my intent to use up crafty stash rather than keeping it for special.

Have paired these as the backing sheet and acetate are from one A4 sheet of each, So 1 A5 and a DL card from an A4 sheet. I do like acetate 🙂

On the first one everything is under the acetate dome apart from the pink frame and the three butterflies at bottom right. On the second only the sentiment is on the outside. Not clear but image on second has several decoupage layers.

The ‘shared’ part on these two is the oval topper. The oval frame on card two came with the image on card one but I didn’t like it on first card so then created a card around it. The first card is a HD base card folded and cut to shape with the topper added and a sentiment. On the second one I used an image from a little book inside oval frame, I thought it went well with the other bits that were lying around on my desk.


Moved on from the two card from one idea LOL. All of the fiddly bits are from two cuts of a HD Moonstone die.


This one I am not convinced is complete but haven’t come up with any thoughts that I like so for now staying as it is.


Another play with an acetate wrap, HD do some lovely foiled acetates. Some of the fun is working out how to ‘hide’ the workings. In this case its the simple adding of acetate to image before mounting onto card base. I have found I have more control if I put the red liner tape on the card rather than the acetate. I also managed to use up a left over topper, the hanging basket is the card stock and table is from a totally different HD set but match well.


You may have noticed the pink with white spots in a previous image, this is the ‘leftover’ part of the card. Fairly simple addition of a matching topper and embellishments.

And finally ……


A stepper card. I was going to do a DL triptic but decided to be a bit more adventurous . The central flowers on bottom are bought but I have coloured them, the remainder are made using flowers punches and scraps of HD.

That’s it from me for now, a couple of days still to do ………………….


Final Holiday Day Craftiness

As the title suggests I have had a week off this week so have done some crafting. These are todays makes.



A5  –  I did the decoupage for this yesterday so it was quick to finish today.


DL  –  Left over pieces with the new HD Confetti adorable scorable as a base. The toppers are from a HD topper pad.


7″ * 5*  –  HD little Book Decoupage with an acetate dome to protect it.


6″ * 6″  –  Making use of the left over decoupage, I find it hard to just throw scraps away.


7″ * 7″  –  A card for the men, all HunkyDory. A backing paper from an older kit found in scraps box. A cut down little book page and a small topper.

As you can tell all made from stuff on my desk without much addition.

Xmas All Gone

Well Xmas has all been put away for another year.

While tidying away Xmas I came across a couple of toppers that I made at least a year ago so thought I had better turn them into cards.


I do remember that they are part of concept cards from HunkyDory that I played about with. The die cut fancy frame is by tonic, other than that it is just layering.

Then I started on a card for a birthday, have made at least two I might send her plus a couple more to continue with my resolution to use up a kit once started.


8 * 8 – All hunkydory, the recipient had recently acquired a cat so was taking that as my starting point.


7 * 7 – Mostly hunkydory with another tonic die and some punched flowers. Not sure how clear the decoupage is.


7 * 5 – simple layering and decoupage.


7 * 7 – As simple as it gets lol


A5ish – A bit more work involved here. A base of a Hunkydory card, the bottom ribbon has been cut from top of card. I have raised bottom image and put its decoupage layer stepped forward to give the 3D effect. The vase of flowers topper is from a different HD set but as always the colours work. The strip across the top is the new confetti adorable scorable.

I still have enough kit left to make 2/3 more cards minimum.


Messing About

Didn’t go into ‘The Room’ with any purpose so just faffed.


While faffing I came across a die I forgot I had. It is not quite A6 size so made use of one of the HD Moonstone dies for the extra borders. Just one cut frame has been used on both cards. Cut one of the found die in silver and one in white and backed with the apposing colour, simples :), mounted onto a back card base.


More faffage from the scraps box. Firstly a Cut Emboss and C folder. This was the one I cut just to test the folder and has popped up when in the scraps box for about a year, thought I would make the effort and use. The backing is an HD little book page, I have cut the butterflies so I could raise them, I should of done the one on the right as well so may still cut one out to put on top. Secondly a Xmas topper also in scraps box for a year, backed with black and kraft card layers. Some Xmas ribbon bought about 2years ago in after Xmas sales at 1/2 price. Again both on black base cards.


And final ‘tidying up’ faffage’. Started with the silver frame (the off cut from HD Moonstone die cut used in first two cards)  A HD Little book image that was again in scrap box turned into a shaker card. Kraft card base layer (also from scrap box) inked on edges. Sequins used for the shaker bits come from The Range at £1 for a large supply and come in various colour combinations.

About to go to the room again with no real plan in mind 🙂

Xmas Crafting 2017

If you have been paying attention this is not the first 2017 Xmas Crafting but heyho.


Starting with 4 quick cards. Image created in Serif (was actually printing inserts but also had a little play) All four images printed on one A4 MQC stock and cut to size so that matt layer is also only one A4 sheet of hd card stock. Not clear in photo but I have treated them all slightly differently in terms of where I have added glitter.


8″ * 8″  –  This one started with an image from HD Xmas little book. It is a nice image but not my style so I challenge myself to use. I cut out the centre image leaving a frame that I have added to an acetate ‘box’. Under I have added a die cut halo and put over the base images, decoupage the inward image from the previously cut out frame ( hope this makes sense). The die cut frames are part of the HD Moonstone range, these particular ones are designed to go with the Little books. The Merry Xmas die is from tonic , part of their bottle wrap inserts.


6″ * 6″ – I also had the topper set etc of the same image so carried on with my challenge to myself. This one is simply using the cut off of the blue HD used on previous card, a linen gold mat plus the topper.


(photo not good, sorry) 7″ * 5″  –   Made a bit more effort on this one. Circular topper with a tonic circular die added. The second topper has been created using a different tonic die set. The patterned matt layer is the one deigned by HD to go with this topper set. Gold base, which had the circular topper cut out of it, and the two flashes are some gold glitter wash tape.


Both DL –  1st one is the image from HD card stock (the remaining piece is blue with stars and therefore can easily be used separate from this image ). Added a strip of the gold wash tape and a sentiment. 2nd one is a topper matted onto black. The strip is an offcuts mounted onto a dark purple offcut finished of with a sentiment.

That used up all the images ……


8″ * 8′ Kraft card – There was a piece of card stock left over. I have put gilding wax on edge of card. Black base matt with the card on top. A different image from the Little Book matted onto a HD mirri matt. Gold ribbon with bow plus Xmas sentiment.

In between I also got carried away and sorted my off cuts into colour groups, and threw many bits away as even I do not know why I kept white copy paper off cuts. They are now in poly pockets stored with card stock in the same colour groups. The theory is that I will use up the bits before getting annoyed looking through bits box and just cutting up a new piece of card.

No, no spending !

Well plan A went out the window fairly quickly.

You may have noticed that I do have a thing for HunkyDory and I particularly like the Twilight range. Now I was good and avoided the Twilight Sunset range but couldn’t be so strong for the Twilight Forest range.

And here it is the ultimate pack ( toppers, card, lanterns, inserts and little book), with the black mirri and foiled acetate.


I did try to distract myself but taking myself oft to craft.

Two cards that started out as birthday cards for a friends 6year old.

Neither ended up as they were intended on the day and were finished later. Rocker card is now for Xmas and the one with cars as a Well Done card.

Then I set myself a one hour challenge.


Managed 5 simple Xmas cards. Mainly just an image added to a card with simple embellishments.

Still ended up buying the HunkyDory. LOL

Challenge Failed

As has been pointed out to me I have totally failed the current challenge 🙂

My one and only and for my first attempt at colouring not too bad.


What I have done is a special birthday card that I cannot share for the time being, thereby making a mess which today I have tidied and re-arranged.

Oh forgot the Cuttlebug disaster when it went clunk and no longer worked EEEEEk. However a quick youtube search found the problem and resolution. 30mins later all fixed and I could breath again.

So to today ….. apart from having to tidy I had decided on a bit of re-arranging. My cut’n’boss has lived on my desk all the time I have had it (and was worth the cost when I broke my shoulder) but I find that I use my baby blue or cuttlebug most of the time so felt it needed a new home but still easily accessible.

So here we go a small trip round my crafty space.


The Baby Blue now where the Cut’n’Boss used to be with the plates for the Cuttlebug in a letter rack. On the right is my unit showcased in a previous post now sat on top of a couple of landscape A4 trays that have an A5 storage box lid with my corner punches and clamps on the left and the base with 3D pads of various sizes all to hand. On the bottom is an A4 lid with scraps ready to rifle through. (the base is on another unit with all my acrylic stamping blocks)


Moving round to the left I have two hi-fi units from Argos configured two different ways with my card stash (well most of it). On top of the one in the corner are tubs with embossing folders, HD Little books, miri mats, gilding flakes and Candi. On the other one is my Cutterpillar Crop. The Cuttlebug is happy in its home on the floor very easily picked up to be used.


And turning further round is the Cut’n’Boss in its new home. I have even had cause to use it since I moved it and all is fine. The tubs are full of punches. The small set of drawers have pens such as Wink of Stells with transfer foils in the top drawer. The second shelf is Christmas. In the filing cabinet I keep my card blanks, envelopes and corresponding celo bags.

And just because it would be rude not to ……


While clearing the desk I made these toppers with ‘things’ I found which seemed to go together.