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Something Different

Well today I have dipped a toe into scrapbooking.

Draft Page


This was my original layout. Well technically my second one but really didn’t like the first one at all. The main image is the notice I sent out to Mum’s friends, there was also a letter giving more detail.( I may print it out and fix it under the tags) The tags are the cards that were on the family flowers, fortunately they were all on the same size card and I have a tag die that they fitted.  They are held by a brad so you can read them all if needed. Mum loved yellow flowers and always put yellow roses on Dad’s resting place. Having got this far I stopped for lunch so that I came back to it with fresh eyes.

Final (ish)


The seed pods and purple are both dried parts of my parents funeral flowers. The spiders web is not yet fixed, it was on my desk and I put it there for fun and I think I like it but the grown up part of my head is saying ‘you cannot put a spiders web on this page’…………… Not sure which part is going to win.

Another of those days …………

Well I had to tidy properly from last time and what better way than using up the spare bits 🙂

IMG_1517  Size 8″ *  8″

Having received my new HunkyDory dies just had to try at least one of them out. It is a shaker card using the new die and some HD snowfall acetate. The addition of a green background and wide xmas ribbon. The sentiment die is also HD, and finally you may recognise THAT die again.

IMG_1520  Size 7″ * 5″

Base card has been silver embossed (still magic to watch). Unclear in photo but image is decoupaged with a snowfall acetate dome added.

IMG_1522   Size 7″ * 5″

The embossed card was intended to be the base of the previous card but decided I liked it too much to cover so just added a snowflake corner.

IMG_1525   Size 8″ * 8″

Left over HD card from last years makes. Added an embossed image, sanded back and silver gilding wax added, mounted on HD rainbow mirri.

IMG_1527   Size 7″ * 5″

And to finish the tag is the last bit of of the HD used last week, the image is from the little book just simply matted onto a gold mirri mat on a red card base.

Crafting area is nearly tidy(ish) so might need to do some more today.

Foot Note: I have HunkyDory mats in Rainbow and Gold Little Book size and also Rainbow in 8′ * 8″ and find them invaluable. Depending on what I am adding I often take die cuts out of the centre. The last card I didn’t as I was adding a paper weight topper.

No Christmas today ……… oh Damn

I was not going to Xmas craft today other than to possibly put inserts in and where needed make envelopes, but as they say ‘all good plans’……….


I unwrapped a pack of stencils and the swirly mat was the packaging, couldn’t resist crafting with it. It is a Hunkydory little book image with the top & bottom borders removed (they appear later) My current favourite die cut. The berries are tonic nuvo drops that I made on my glass mat and once set transferred to card.


Hand fussy cut decoupage that I found in the Xmas box, that die again 🙂 . A couple of HD tags and just a simple gold mat.


As simple as it gets. The slightly brown on the bottom has been removed and replaced with filler and sparkles.(The glue although it appeared ‘clean’ obviously had some brown from pin in it, will use a different glue next time)


And finally those two borders added to a gold mat. Backed with some mottled dark red paper and topped with a left over HD topper all from the Xmas scraps box. It needs something else but cannot decide what.

I have also done what I set out to do and all Xmas cards now have inserts and envelopes

Nannie Birthday Boy Card

As you have seen Mummy’s I thought I would show Nannie’s


As you can see I made a pop-up box.


His favourite bit (once he worked out how it worked) was the smiling moon.

The space elements are fussy cutting of a HunkyDory little book image. I did have a moment of panic about whether I was correct he was 8 (yes I know I was there when he was born so no excuses) The parcel card stock is Kanban, cut into panels and decoupaged. The ‘grey’ is in fact silver wink of stella.

Christmas is Coming

So firstly had to tidy ‘the room’. To be fair it has been a work in progress for a couple of weeks especially since a shelf fell down creating havoc. The shelf is back in situ and various re-arrangements later I am in a good place again.

Hadn’t really decided to xmas craft today but was having a quick look through my xmas HunkyDory stash and immediately thought “that would be perfect for xxxx”. I then got out ‘The Xmas Craft Box’ i.e.. All the bits left over last year, and found some toppers I made and never used.


Not bad for one afternoon 🙂


The card that started it all today, mostly HunkyDory goodness with a corner snowflake and single snowflake die cut added.

IMG_1468IMG_1471            Decoupage toppers found in box now turned into little cards. Various glitters added but not clear on photos. I will have to make bespoke envelopes but that will be easy enough.IMG_1473

I also found some digital crafting images which again made but not utilised .

IMG_1462           IMG_1474

These were made using Serif. I have added sparkle and glitter mainly because I can. They can of course be easily repeated (in fact I already have more than one of each but as I did more or less exactly the same embellishment on them only included one of each)

And finally today the ‘tidying up card’ (please tell me I am not the only one that does it)


Base is the off cut from card one. Then the other main topper on HD sheet. Frames are all on 3D pads or pinflair gel.

That is me done for today but feeling slightly smug that some of xmas is done.


I, like many of you I am sure, have more than one scoreboard, could I resist the new Hunkydory one? Of course not.

So here is my scoreboard story

.51kI4uZmyaL._SL1000_ (1)

I started with the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro. This has been a good workhorse but has limitations as a scoreboard. Its useful parts have been slowly replaced with newer and more versatile tools. Bow making pegs replaced with Tattered Lace Bowmakers, trimmer replaced with various ones ending with my fav the Cutterpillar, the enveloper with We’R’Memory Keepers etc, not to say I don’t ever use it but it’s main issue for me has always been its bulk.


My next one is the Martha Stewart 12″ board. As the name suggests it is slightly over 12″ square overall size.This was bought as a Xmas present (mostly cause I asked) and I have loved using it. Being an american product it is in inches going as small as 1/8″, has a centre 0 measurement (very useful) and an included envelope maker (admittedly not used but thats because I usually need a box if card too big for the provided envelope)


The Eazi-Scoreboard. Size it is just over A4 and really only has limited scores but I find invaluable for card bases as it has A4 centrefold, gatefold etc, thus replacing part of the Ultimate Pro and easier to whip out.

$_58 (1)

Tattered Lace mini scoreboard Size is just over A5. Came as part of a bundle but I have used it lots. Obviously easy to carry in tote bag and when working on small projects ideal, that being said you are not totally restricted to A5.

And finally ………


Only arrived today but already I am loving it. despite being the thinest of my boards (except possibly the mini) it is very stable and can be used on your lap.The scoring area is 12″ * 12″, inches one side ( in 1/8″ spacing) and cms (0.5cm spaces) on the other. On the inches side the centre is clearly marked with a 0, however it does not have numbering going out from it like the Martha Stewart board but I think it is still useful. At the top the score grooves start in the ‘frame’ making it very easy to start in the correct place. Its big advantage is the built in box making facility. This has always been the one thing I would always get the Ultimate Pro out for, now I don’t need to. The box making is on both sides so you can work in inches or cms.

All of the boards have come with their own scoring tool.

All the boards work and I will no doubt continue using them all except sadly the Ultimate Pro as I think I have now upgraded all its useful parts.

Challenge Day Two

Another day at home so created some more.

Card 1


Hunky-dory Little book image, a total of four layers. I have used the diamond shaped torn edge and created an inverted decoupage. Acetate with a sentiment embossed wrap and mounted on an easel card.The base backing paper is a paper from Kanban, flowers created from the waste and one of my favourite swirl dies. on the stopper.

Card 2


Standard decoupage created with the cut-outs from card 1, so in total I have used 5 of the matching little book pages.. Simply mounted on gold layers cut using rectangular torn edge dies.

Card 3


Torn edge Hexagon card (sorry not photographed well due to the amount of shiney ) Hexagon layers with heart torn edge topper made from yet another little book page. Flowers swirls and banner made from various off cut bits on my desk from last two days of crafting.

Will go back and tidy tomorrow as I am hungry and in need of coffee.