Prices of individual cards vary as it will depend on the materials used and the length of time taken to create each one.

For all Bespoke cards a quote will be given once we have discussed your requirements which you can then either accept or not as there is no commitment to buy until I have started making the card.

All pre-made cards will be individually priced, please contact me via email to query the price of any of the cards shown on this site.

As a guide I am listing below my standard price bandings however as previously stated all cards will vary. Please note that for many of the images I use, more than one price banding may be available.

Basic Card Blank with envelope:

  • 4×4″ = 50p – £4
  • 5×7″ and 6×6″ = £1.50 – £6.00
  • 7×7″ and A5 = £3.00 – £7.00
  • 8×8″ = £4 – £10
  • 8×8’/unusual construction with box  = £10-£20

Contributing Factors within the band:

  • Type of image (e.g. printed/stamped/decoupaged)
  • Colouring medium
  • Number of layers
  • Material of layers
  • Number/type of embellishments
  • Construction elements (e.g. pockets/boxes)

Example of a 50p 4×4″ card:


This is a single layer card, where the image has been embossed and then gilded; with level 1 embellishment.

Example of a £4 4×4″ card:


This one is a stamped and hand coloured image with level 2 embellishment. it is still only a single layer however the additional time taken to handcolour the stamp and to create the sentiment put it into the higher end of the band.


Handmade Cards for every occasion

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