Aquatint background

This is a really fun background to make with the advantage that there really is no right or wrong result – marvellous!

I am using:

  • SN Aquatints no’s 02, 15 and 56
  • Sheena Stamping card
  • Water

Step 1 – Start with your blank card.

I have cut this down to bigger than I need partly so that I can tape it down, but mostly so that I can be sure of the design going all the way to the edge without any finger prints sneaking in.


Step 2 – Spritz!

Lightly spritz the card with water. This means that you will already have a movable base layer and is also another reason for taping the card as this will reduce the curve in the card (once wetted) while you are working on it.

Step 3 – Swirl

Use a paintbrush to start adding the colours to your card. They can be in any order and layered as many times as you need. The main aim here is to make sure that you end up without any hard edges.

Step 4 – Spritz again!

Another very light layer, this is to keep the tints mobile for step 5

Step 5 – Smoodge

Okay, so not technically  a real word, but I don’t care about that! lift the edges of your craft mat (I use a glass mat which stays rigid) and tilt the card. The tints will slowly run into each other creating some nice patterns and swirly bits.

Step 6 – Spritz again!

No really – assuming you are happy with the smoodge you can either add in more tints and re-smoodge, or just add more tint where you want the colour a bit stronger; as long as you have blended the edges another smoodge is optional. This final spritz is to add the dot texture. For this particular background I have not gone in with kitchen roll to lift the colour, I have just spritzed and then left it alone, which gives you a lighter version of whichever colour you have laid down producing a nice mottled effect.image

At this point you can either leave it to dry naturally or cheat with a heat gun. I cheated for this one because it is for a specific card and I wanted to get cracking with the rest of it 😉

This tutorial was specifically for the background so I will leave it here; I may talk about what I did next in another post.




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